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max 'stations', not 'connections'


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dear friends,

i am new to µtorrent since 2 days. before i have been using FreeDownloadManager for torrents. to my surprise, µtorrent is MUCH faster... and so much for the blabla.

my problem is this: several times my isp blocked automatically my connection. after several phone calls i mentioned that i use the torrent-network. the guy said 'aahhh, so you have to set the max STATIONS to 100. according to my data you connect to more than 1.000 stations...' i replied 'oh, you mean the max global CONNECTIONS!?' - he insisted explicitly on STATIONS, not CONNECTIONS. but i can't find any settings for stations.

any idea what he meant?

cheers in advance,



1. yes, i read the faq

2. yes, used the 'search' function

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