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Cannot connect to SEEDS.


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Since past 1 week I am facing his problem.

Any torrent that I add usually has more than 300 seeds, but my client connects to a maximum of 5 seeds.

Plus the speed I usually get is 65-75kb, now I am getting under 25kb.

I haven't limited the speed. I have 300gb free space on my HDD where I am downloading the files. Port forwarding is OK.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Even tried the beta version 2.0 build 16666

What exactly is the problem

Can someone please help me out.

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the same config that i usually do...default

and as I said the speed started slowing down just last week

the speed goes upto 65kb for a few seconds and goes back down to under 20kb

tried downloading files from download.com using a download manager and even without it

gives a speed of upto 80kb


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