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Torrents-freeze! :(


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Checking for correct settings and lowering the forced torrents, lets try it



reconfigured to:

-Global maximum Nº of connections: 300

-Maximum Nº of connections per torrent: 128

-Upload slots per torrent: 10

-Unforce all torrents.

All torrents downloading OK now.

Thank you.

( My rig: Connection speed is 20mbps download and 2mbps upload, Windows7, 2GbRAM, Intel DualCore 3.4Ghz.)

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Do note that with only 2 megabit/sec upload speed even 10 torrents with 10 upload slots each will mean you're trying to upload to 100 people at once. Each one would get ~2 KB/sec. So if you have lots of torrents started, reduce the upload slots per torrent. The checkbox to allow more upload slots if upload speed <90% will "fix" most temporary problems of too-low upload speeds.

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