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The internet dies/freezes...


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Hi there,

I've seen other threads on this subject but I usually can't even get past the1st recommended action, ie, do a speed test.

As soon as utorrent is open - EVEN IF there are NO torrents running - the internet slows to a standstill. I can't open any page, including the site(s) that does the speed test.

I can up and download at a good rates when a torrent is running, it's just that I can't do anything else on the internet. A minute or two after I close utorrent everything goes back to normal and the internet works again.

I am port forwarded ok and I never had an issue with this before - it started to happen more or less overnight.

What do I do?

thanks for your help and I hope this isn't yet more repetition, but I couldn't find a thread that was identical to my issue. Thanks for your time.


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I have a Vodafone DSL-Easybox 602, but I only just swapped over to this, I had the same problem with my previous router with a different ISP

edit: Could eset NOD32 be an issue? I excluded utorrent in the settings but I still have the same problem...

edit 2: Nod32 was indeed the issue. I just had to uncheck utorrent in the advanced settings web access protection/ http/web browsers

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