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Diskoverload 6%


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Hello forum!

I´m quite new to torrenting (and interneting aswell!), but I wuold like to think I have a good know about on computers in general.

I'm using:

Laptop Intel P4 m 1.5 Ghz

2000/400 connection

No router

Zone Alarm firewall

Norton Antivirus

My problem:

I seem to only get this problem when downloading .rar files.

Every thing goes smooth with normal download rates untill zone alarm is asking if Norton antivirus can hook up with µtorrent. Then, reguarless of if I deny or allow, a small popup from Norton is telling me that µtorrent is waiting for Norton to check the file being downloaded. I can click OK or Abort, but this doesn't matter. Shortly after this my pc gets REALLY slow. µTorrent is showing diskoverload 6% in statusbar. The small HD light on my laptop shows massive hd activity. I check processor usage by processes and find out that SAVSCAN.EXE is using between 10-80%. Also download speed drops from ~20kB/s to 0.0-0.1kB/s.

I think SAVSCAN is a process from norton antivirus wich checks everything downloaded on the computer, and my guess is that .rar files (and perhaps .rar containing .zip) takes a bit longer to check out. But still, it seems wiered that my entire computer gets all glueish!

Pleas help!

(I have followed the mini-speed guide on this forum.)



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Thanks for all 'n fast help!

I'll try ClamWin (had no idea that such a thing as a free anti virus software existed!),

and hope that this solves my trouble.

Btw, has any of you heard of a similar problem, as the one I described, before?

Thanks again,


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It looks like NAV is trying to unrar the file and check it over and over... I don't use AVs, so I haven't experienced it :P

Yeah. I suspected something like that. Suppose this happens since, unlike when you download a file normally, small pieces of several files arrives in intervals and not all at once. NAV is probably checking the file every time a new package arrives..? And it takes lots of resorces to open the .rar (and perhaps a .zip inside the .rar) several times per second.

Never the less...

Away goes Norton,

Welcome ClamWin!

-Feels better anyway to use a freeware :P


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