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I accidently Deleted a few torrents And now can't re seed them....


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...I'm kinda new to uT and started downloading with the default directories. As a person that loaths the documents & setting folder, I soon started migrating a my directories for uT to another drive.

I was able to get most everything migrated, but then accidently deleted 5 completed torrent files (not the data).

Now I get a "error can t open torrent file " error. Unlike others, I don't get a listed path. I assume this is because I was using the default path. I have downloaded the torrent files again and wanted to resume seeding them, but I can't seem to get uT to re-import them.

When I add the torrent it says, "the torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrent. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" Neither yes or no seems to re-establish the link. If you delete a torrent file does that mean you can never seed it again? Should I delete the torrents from the uT list an re add them? My seed ratio was between 3 to 6 so I guess I did my part, but a most of the files don't have many seeders & I'd like to keep the torrents going for others. Can I simply delete the torrents from the window and re import them? I'd like to seed them some more, but am not really will to download them all again in order to do it.


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.torrent files are saved by default in the folder %appdata%\utorrent or in Preferences > Directories if you set a different one.

If you have deleted some .torrent files, find them again on trackers/indexers and reload them into uT (choose the folder where are the data when you see the dialog box about adding a new torrent)

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