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not downloading


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This seems to be the same problem I've been having for a week now.

I checked the tracker status on my torrent.

DHT - waiting for announce....

Local Peer Discovery - working

Peer Excahnge - working

There are 8 http trackers and all say hostname not found

I know my torrent is a valid torrent becasue it works on other clients like BitComet (very poorly I should add, BitComet stinks, Long Live UTorrent).

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Tried that. I also was running version 1.8.4 of UTorrent so I downloaded the new version 1.8.5 and it didn't help. I also uninstalled UTorrent and reloaded the new version but it didn't make a difference. When I click on the area where the green check should be (it's just grey now) and test my port.... it says my port is open and accepting connections.

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