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Very slow upload speeds


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Hello, I have recently started torrenting and am getting great download speeds, but unfortunantly my upload speeds are horrible.

I have tried 3 different torrents, one which was the openoffice torrent, and others which have many peers aswell as seeds. I also uploaded my own torrent today, and I am the only seeder and unfortunantly my upload is terrible. No matter what torrent I was using, my upload speed was around ~10kb/s. I also tried running all three torrents at once only for 2 mins, but interestingly their upload speed sum = ~10kb/s

I have a good connection which is 15 mb/s down and ~1mb/s up, my isp is Cogeco cable.

I have tried many troubleshooting steps in utorrent. I used the speed guide and set my connection to 1mb/s up, than used the conservative guide to tweak them. I have made sure my port on my Zio WLB5254AIP router has my port 65535 forwarded, and it shows up as working in utorrent.

Besides that I have also have the following settings: do not enable upnp port mapping, do not enable nat pmp port mapping, do not randomize port at start, add windows firewall exception, do not enable dht network, do not enable dht for new torrents, do not enable local peer discovery, ask tracker for scrape info, do not enable peer exchange, do not limit local peer bandwidth, bt.connect speed = 10, net.max_halfopen = 4, peer.lazy_bitfield = enabled, bt.transp_disposition= 5.

I ran the isp throttling test and it came back fine.

Any suggestions as to how I can get a better speed?

EDIT: My os is windows xp sp3 and I have disabled windows firewall and uninstalled Avast which were my only two av/firewalls.

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Oh allright, I am not initial seeding the torrent.

I have also tried just hooking up to my modem but I still achieve the same speeds.

It just seems odd though that even if im seeding three torrents or just one, utorrent can only up 10kb/s in total, there has to be somthing wrong with my setup.

Any other suggestions?

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