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Cannot acess internet while U torrent is on (please help)


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Hi guys I am new to U torrent and I have a problem with the program that is I cannot access the internet while connected. I have been a bit lord user for a long time and it has not give me such problems until recently. Speeds are down and some torrents have no connections whatsoever so i switched to utorrent because of the popularity and it works like a charm. I am not going to talk about my life story here so this is the short version

I am running behind a router and i disable firewall and made it DMZ and open ports

I recently installed ESET business edition and i disable the firewall but leaving anti virus on

I am running bit lord and u torrent at the same time because bit lord still has some leftover torrents about to finish.

I can access internet from another com connected wireless from the same router with no lag whatsoever. But cannot access the com that has bit lord and u torrent connected. Which leaves me really bumped out.

download speeds are not caped but upload speeds are caped at 5kb for both

the problem happens only when i installed u torrent. And only when i restart the com and not running u torrent then i can access the internet. BTW its Firefox but IE cannot work too.

if anyone has the same problem please help I try to fix it by myself but somethings are just impossible for me and I am afraid I would crap up u torrent like I did with bit lord.

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