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Can't find any trackers as of this morning.


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I just upgraded to 1.8.5 this morning, and immediately all of my torrents stopped downloading. It seems they can't find any trackers. I downloaded Vuze and tried all the same torrents, still nothing. Even Open Office can't find anything.

I applied the same update to my laptop computer at work, and all the same torrents are downloading properly.

I read through the recent topics on this forum, but nothing seemed to be quite the same as my problem. I didn't change anything else, I just clicked 'Yes' to upgrading from 1.8.4 to 1.8.5 and they all went red arrow.

Any ideas? It must be a problem with my computer or ISP, right? (I'm in South Korea, so the UK ISP problem from some of the other posts doesn't really help me)

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