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RSS won't download automatically


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Use the ? (in the Favorites window) to test the filter you did with the current releases. If there is an occurrence shown then the filter is ok, if not then you need to update the filter to detect the file name. No need to stress the servers with multiple requests as you're doing now by refreshing the RSS feed.

Are you using the option to check the full name?

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Funny, I was doing a search for the same problem, as I was trying to also trouble shoot it for the daily show episodes.

I also have read the rss tutorial thorougly, and a new episode is indeed showing up when I click the [?] button with the filter selected. The show is there, as well as showing in the history tab. It just doesn't get downloaded.

Please help.

BTW: I am using version 1.4.1 beta 425


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Thank you for your answer.

No, smart ep is not set.

Here are my settings for that filter:

Filter: *Daily*Show*

Not: [empty]

Save In: [empty]

Feet: (All)

Quality: (All)

Episode #: [unchecked] & [Empty]

Filter matches: [unchecked]

Give High Prio: [unchecked]

Smart Ep Filter: [unchecked]

Min Day interv: [1 day]

Label: [The Daily Show]


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If you click the link in the release page it opens?

It happened to me that sometimes the link doesn't work and so it's detected but it doesn't auto download.

Have you tried with "Filter matches..." checked?

Set also minimum interval for now to "match always" and maybe assign a directory to save in. I set that option because of something I don't remember now. :/

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