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uTorrent and TCP process


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First of all - great work - been using utorrent from begining ! its my #1 bt client! Hope you will have strenght and time to hold #1 place ;)

My "problem":

Im using TCPView to see links between remote address connection and process. utorrent is there too, but i saw that few remote address arent linked to utorrent, but to "(System Process):0" on protocol: TCP. And I realy dont know why - i confirm remote address with the list of connections in utorrent. Those not linked connection are connected to my local address which is, and 36666 is port configured in utorrent, and those "broken" connection got state: TIME_WAIT. First of I was thinking that they are "on waiting list" to be linked to utorrent, but they are removed from list when torrent is disconnectiong from those peers- i see that they disappiring from utorrent connection list too on same time.

Thats not PROBLEM, but I just wana know why they not linked to utorrent.exe process - is it a bug , or its common that OS handle "nonhandled" connection? or something similar?

Thanks alot for making such great app

OS: w7 x64 utorrent: 2.0 build 17875

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Im using the build in firewall. I was thinking same that they are going throught system to utorrent, but they stay there till utorrent dont use them and they are then removed from list. Its strange cuz they are like been used not by utorrent, but utorrent use them O.o Strange - I just wana know way its that way ;P nothing more - so im asuming thats "strange" behiver cuz they should be linked to utorrrent.exe

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