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"Stable" version will not install to Vista or Windows 7?


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This is the second time I got the message "Not A Valid Win32 App" when I tried to run the installer from the link on the main page.

Is there some issue where 1.8.5 will not install to either of these (pos) OS's?

The BETA installs just fine and that is what I had to use.

Not sure about any of the earller Stable versions.

If this issue has been posted about previously, I apologize- I didnt see anything about it in the topics list

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Hm... Ok, I see it now - The file size is only 256 Kilobytes or something. It is sposed to be 283! I kept repeating the download until it finally kicked down the whole file.

This had me scared, cos I've never had any trouble running uTorrent, ever - It'd always gone in Like Buttah.

Thanx, I got it now, but the Beta seems OK- I've red some of the other issues posted here, and I'm glad to say that I've never seen any of those, I have with other P2P software though.

Thanx alot for the kwik response! This is my first "weak" running Winblows 7 and I hate its guts just like I hated Vist-poo. So, it aint your guys fault, keep makin the great client, and we'll keep using it, come Windows XP, VistDoodoo, 7, or High Water!

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