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Reduced D/L connection and no advice seems to work


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Hi all,

firstly, apologies for basically re-posting what has been discussed on here numerous times, however none of the advice provided seems to help.

So my problem is this: I used to download, effectively every day, at a speed of 200kb+, but now cannot exceed 10kb. I've tested my ports, but to be honest my connection was never a problem in the past and port forwarding was never conducted, so I fail to understand why I should do this now. I've also d/l from openoffice.org, and that worked perfectly at 65kb+, even with the yellow hazard triangle rather than a green light.

I am at a loss to understand what the hell is happening. Anyone able to shed light, this would be great.

My router is a NetComm NB6Plus4W, my connection with Adam.

It's worth noting I have d/l with utorrent for almost 3 years prior to this problem. I am still using my original version of 1.8.1.

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