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Windows 7 caused super slow torrent download


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Hey Guys

Its been about a week that i changed my os from vista x86 to 7 x64.and this period was almost a nightmare for me.

because torrent downloading is a special part in my life and my torrent download speed in windows 7 is a tragedy.i use a 192k dsl connection and i used to have 15-20 kb torrent download in vista.but in 7 it never goes more than 5kb.its been 3 days that im searching and searching and find nothing.in vista i never changed a setting of utorrent and everything was good. but in 7 it wasnt like that and i played with everything with no success.i read somewhere about a tcp limit hack for 7 but its for beta version and in final version of 7 there is no tcp limitation.also my regular download in ok with no problem and its just torrent that has this limit

also now after i see 7 performance in other fields.its really hard for me to go back to vista.

so anyone can rescue me from this disaster ? i will give a very goof gift to anyone that can solve this issue.please help me before it drives me crazy ! :(

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