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ipfilter.dat not being fully loaded?


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Yup, did a search... seems everyone's having problems with full blown ipfilter.dat files that have thousands of entries... but not simple filters like this.

I'm just trying to use mine to do an "all-but" block to help some users out. So my file has, like, 11 entries to cover the other seeds I don't want to download from.

µTorrent only reports seeing "6".

What's wrong? The whole file looks the same... one IP per line with a blank line at the end:












(x's added, but same number of digits)

What's wrong with this file? It's letting in peers in middle of the file, too...

? Really confused... ?

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Log to file only logs after, it doesn't save the buffer

I thought so too, but it wasn't logging at all as i tested it. Well, now i have the latest build and now it works.

And this time the logfile will be written to the root of the hard drive instead of the utorrent folder if there is no path given. Looks like there has been made some changes.

I would suggest that the time string in the log should be made human readable. hh:mm:ss(:ms)

Sounds like Star Trek now... "4413.140? Man, it's late. Time to go to bed!"

Now it is hard to find entries that are related to a certain time.

Making a text selection with the mouse is also a bit non-standard. It only works if you start dragging in the clear area right beside the text.

Well, but the entries of the ipfilter.dat still aren't read. That's more important.

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