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  1. err..isn't the "job"/purpose of antivirus software to "scan" files on your hard-drive disk for potential malicious code? Well...if you are checking your e-mail, through something like Firebird, Outlook, etc...the e-mails get retrieved from the ISP mail server, and get downloaded to YOUR hard drive, as? FILES! hehehe. So....if any AV can't detect viruses in e-mails...get a new AV. Or, just don't use one, and only execute trust-worthy files from trust-worthy sources.
  2. I cant see why this would/should be implemented into a "client". I didnt read indepth, just waht's stated in this thread, and yea, there are ways to run BT tracker clients on the server/tracker end, correct? So, basically, if a torrent on the tracker had low seeds, the server/tracker-side client would kick in, and start helping out by sending pieces out. Addressed to the peers, and From the tracker address. This seems more of a server side implementation. Like, for example, I believe when revision3.com, commandn.tv, and other torrent based pod/vidcasts release new episodes, they use something similar to this. remote machines, all over the world, to help spread out the torrent, on high speed connections until a reliable seed/peer ratio picks up, and tags along, at which time, they would disconnect their main servers/web seeding.
  3. r00ted

    Great programs you use

    Web- depends, IE6, patched to the core, High Security, etc. Or K-Meleon, or PortableFF, or OffByOne Movie/Audio: MediaPlayer Classic and/or VLC. IM: ICQ IRC: mIRC, bare bones, just tweaked out so it looks good, and functions decently. no custom addons scripts, etc. voip: ventrillo when gaming Unzip: WinRar Pictures: MSpaint.exe....lol. it works for what i need it to do. CD burnin: nero 7 ultra Antivirus: none. common sense, and general good computing is always better than memory/CPU hogging AV....though, I might try out ClamWIN/AV since it's open source and free. Firewall: Linksys BEFW11S4 v4. all 3 connected computers run Windows Firewall. no nagging, it just works . Also use pg2. FTP: I like FTP.exe....lol hm, i think thats it. Oh yea, text editors. i use notepad primarily, but also use(d) UltraEdit, ConTEXT, Notepad2, Notepad++ really, depends what im doing
  4. Find your router's model number, usually on the back, or bottom of that big piece of plastic, usually in the shape of a box. Then head over to PortForward.com (Im so nice, you can click that hyperlink ). And find your router in that list Follow the directions exact.
  5. may as well close this thread