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Question regarding swarm connections


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I'm not all that good with the technical side of torrents so I have a question. I haven't been able to find the answer for it so I'm posting.

So there's this thing I'm downloading and ATM I've got the following seeds/peers:

Seeds: 0 (2)

Peers: 21 (186)

My question is, is there any way to connect to the seeds and peers in the parenthesis'? I'm assuming those numbers are the actual swarm and the smaller numbers are the ones I'm connected to. I've tried a bunch of things I found here to improve my speed but so far nothing's helped.

Grateful for any kind of assistance.

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Unless your upload speed is sustained at very high speeds...

If you connect to huge numbers of peers, you will only be uploading to very few at a time.

Eventually, the others get "angry" that you never return the favor and may snub you...refusing to upload to you. The more peers you have, the quicker this can happen.

So it becomes very self-defeating to be connected to lots of peers.

Seeds have NO incentive to upload to you, since you have nothing to give them that they don't already have...and most are probably connecting to as many or more peers than you are, so you get very little of their upload time.

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