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How move downed files to other location


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Stop the torrents, move the files, then right-click the torrents, Advanced > Set download location

If you have a lot of torrents, this might be a pain. If you're moving all files' base paths only (say, C:\Downloads\* to D:\OldDownloads\*), it's somewhat simplified by using BEncode Editor to batch replace all instances of C:\Downloads\ with D:\OldDownloads\, searching and replacing value by key (using path as the key). You'll want to pay attention to the warnings before using BEncode Editor though. Very careful attention.

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1st time I tried this: Set download location was greyed out.

But next went ok.

Probab did something stupid, no stopping well, whatever.

Going to give BEncode a good look when time. I take it you mean the torrentfiles to be edited?

BTW: Any of

-Download/default locations,

-Down/Upload progress

being kept in Win(Vista) registry?

'Cause I'm a bit experimenting (not µTorrent) and backing up / restoring from drive-images.

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