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RSS Browser filtering


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I request some new features to the RSS browser:

-Filter out items already matched by the RSS downloader.

-Keep all old items cached in the list.

Additionaly consider adding additional user-customised filters similar to the ones in the RSS downloader dialog.

A nice bonus would be an ability to synch items matched by the RSS Downloader as read items in Google Reader.


I use uTorrent's RSS downloader to download anime fansubs (feed: http://tokyotosho.info/rss.php?filter=1). It's working like a dream - every 3 months or so I add/change filters to match series airing that season and everything gets downloaded properly.

However, once in a while people submit items to the feed that are not a part of the season schedule (for example episodes of older series).

uTorrent makes it hard to browse the feed list for such items for 3 reasons:

1) Items already matched by the RSS Downloader appear in the list.

2) Old items are removed too quickly (it seems to only keeps items from the past 24 hours or so)

3) There are a lot of different versions of most releases.

For example: the series "Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood" gets translated by half a dozen fansub groups, many of which release as both 720p/x264 and 480p/Xvid.

A filter could hide all items containing the name of this series and the tags of the other groups as well as "480" and "xvid".

Edit: After some consideration, the 3rd issue probably isn't all that worthwhile to address for now.

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