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Lopsided piece distribution to peers when seeding


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a couple things i should mention before getting into my issue...

i'm running utorrent on wine (centos 5.03)

i've followed the tweaking/troubleshooting guide and i'm currently using settings that are slightly lower than the conservative chart

i'm on a 100/100 line

the server is in europe and most peers are in the united states

bt.trans.disp=5 (any other setting gives me upload spikes and decreses my average upload speed significantly)


"connection preferences" - everything is left unchecked and port is set to 55000

"bittorrent preferences" - outgoing encryption is enabled (incoming legacy are allowed), ask tracker for scrape is checked, and everything else is unchecked.

I'm kinda curious as to why utorrent chooses peers the way it does. I have no problems maxing out 100mbit line but when i look at the peerlist i see that 1 peer is taking 8mB/s while the rest of them are splitting whatever bandwidth is left. This sucks for the rest of the swarm because 1 person takes several gigs in a few minutes and if they drop off the torrent then i'm basically stuck uploading from 0 again. The european peers are the ones sucking up the majority of my bandwidth, usually. The swarms in question are not very big (10-20 peers on average) and i'm the original uploader of the torrents. I'm not "initial-seeding" the torrents, just regular seeding. I've tried initial seeding but with a swarm that size it doesn't always work out.

Is there any way to make sure that utorrent is able to divide bandwidth between peers more efficiently? I don't necessarily mind if upload speed on the torrent is not 10mB/s. However, i'd like to know that what i'm uploading isn't 90% at the discretion of another single peer since i dont know how long they plan on seeding once they've completed the torrent.

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