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Downloading issue


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Im trying to download something... ive set up everything correctly... my modem/router has port forwarded... the network did have yellow triangle but now its a green tick... i have 29 peers looking like this [1(29)]... no seeds...

but its not active... not downloading or uploading... the list on the side listing





ive forced started... my internet is working... I may have missed a troubleshooting solution ive tried so just give me more and ill either do it or say ive done it... the logger has no error... the symbol next to the download is a blue arrow pointing down... so i dunno whats going on... need help...:(

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You come across one of those downside of p2p if the seeder don't seed no amount of force loading on your side will work. Only if another seeder has the same file to seed and seeds it will you get your download to start again. Then and only then will you get that file otherwise you just have to wait and see if they will seed again.

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