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seeds not seeding/connecting to leechers


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Hello all,

ok, let's start from the beginning.

I've always had Azureus/Vuze and have been downloading torrents on my laptop for 4+ years with absolutely no problems at all. Recently within the last month, I've started to join private trackers and since then I wasn't able to seed appropriately, even with public torrents. I thought it might have been Vuze, so hearing about how amazing utorrent is, I switched here. Then, the same problem still persisted. I always download at 1+mbs/s for every torrent I've downloaded with no problems whatsoever.

I know its not my isp, because RoadRunner doesn't throttle nor disable seeding for p2p software. I know its something with my settings because when I went to a friends house, he's seeding at 1mbs/s and I still can't connect to anything to seed.

I checked Ultima's guide, did everything it said, to no avail. So now imma post the troubleshooting info to see if maybe someone can help me more specifically, but I think I know the problem. When I do my speed optimization guide, it says

[2010-03-01 09:19:16] Connection failed error: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied. (10057)

My ports are open and forwarded.

Light: Green check

Port checker: ports open

Speed guide: see above. I put the speed guide to test at 1mbit/s, 2mbit/s, and all speeds slower than those, even though my speed test shows 1.75mbs/s

net.max_halfopen set to: 4

OS: win xp

Security software: Avast. I also realized I had Windows firewall disabled this whole time, and I re-enabled it (Didn't think it'd matter at this point since I know it wasn't the firewall that was blocking it.) I also made utorrent exceptions in the firewall as well for future use.

Router: WRT54GL

ISP: RoadRunner

Connection: Cable

Speed test: 733420577.png

and that is with utorrent, and a few browser windows open. As you can see, speed is not an object.

If I am missing any critical info, let me know. That is just what I saw from the troubleshooting guide.

Thanks in advance to any help

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Are you sure the torrents you're trying to seed actually have downloaders?

yes, 0 connected to and 10+ leechers not connected to per torrent.

The speed test is probably reporting burst speeds, not what your ISP will let you sustain...which could be as low as 0.5 mbit/sec.

When before all this went haywire, i'd seed at night for 100+kb/s total. Now it won't even connect to a seed when there are multiple seeds. And I download at 1+mb/s sustained for however big the download is.

Any word on that error message I get when I try to optimize my speed test? I have a feeling that is what is causing it, but I have no idea what it means.

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I added the history of download vs upload. I know the top torrents have 0 peers at this time, and ignore the 3mb one.

But I already deleted 15gb of downloaded stuff with only about 1gb uploaded in about 3-4 weeks.

and both the 5gb and 2gb torrents have had 1-2 leechers from time to time, and during that whole time, I didn't seed at all, hence the 0.000 uploaded.

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