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"Complete" flag is incorrectly sent to tracker (version 1.8.5)


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This is a bug with Utorrent 1.8.5. It might also be in 2.0 (I haven't verified this for 2.0 however). Even if 1 file is skipped out of many files, the tracker is incorrectly told that the torrent has been snatched. This bug occurs when the file that is downloaded is very small. If the one file that is skipped is of significant size, then this does not happen, even if it's only one file.

By "significant size", I mean "large enough". I'm not sure whether the skipped file has to simply be larger than a certain size (10 MB) or whether the skipped file has to be a certain percentage of the entire torrent in size. However, this bug does exist.

No snatchlist entry should appear unless the torrent was really completely downloaded, especially if you don't want the snatchlist entry to appear. This is a matter of privacy.

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