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Whole system starts glitching while downloading with uTorrent

Man in Black

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This problem started about 2-3 months ago. Immediately after I start a download my computer will just slow down. If I watch a video clip during the download the picture and sound slows down like it was a slow replay. Also, while listening to mp3s the sound gets really really bad, not only does it slow down but it has some "crackling" sound to it.

Basically, the whole system kinda slows down. If I try to pull up a program from the task bar it doesn't come up smooth like it should, but slow and laggy.

I tried Vuze bittorrent client to see if there was a problem with my computer but with Vuze everything worked perfectly while downloading at max speed (1MB/s). The thing is I really don't like Vuze so if you could help me fix this uTorrent issue it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using the latest version of uTorrent

#edit: Yes, I did try to reinstall it but no succsess

Kind regards,

Man in Black

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