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delete .DS_Store with torrent delete


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This is more of a bug fix than a feature request, but since it is a minor bug I'm posting it here. Moderators please move this post if need be. -thnx

When I right mouse click on a torrent in µtorrent and click 'remove all files' 9 out of 10 times everything is deleted but the folder holding the torrents contents; the folder created when the download of that torrent started.

Basically, OS X creates a file called .DS_Store which holds data for the files in that folder, like icons, datestamps, and other info. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure what .DS_Store completely does, but regardless, when deleting the torrent, the folder is not deleted because of the .DS_Store file is inside of that folder. If µtorrent put in a simple if .DS_Store exists then delete .DS_Store with torrent contents it would solve the issue and the folder created by the torrent would be deleted by µtorrent and not have to be manually done so later.

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