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Once moved to a different hard disk, torrents 100% complete become 99%


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It's been an old question of mine. Since I'm replacing my deteriorating hard disks as part of my torrent computer upgrade, I guess it's time to ask.

Whenever previously 100% completed torrents files are moved to a new hard disk, files will become incomplete. Regardless of formats, for example video files plays back OK but they just show up on my uTorrent 1.61 at 99.x% When I let uTorrent resume, the files will be completed OK and play back fine. I haven't tried newer version of uTorrent in many years. I've been wondering the problem might be due to bug in uTorrent 1.61 or just because each time a hard disk is formatted its structure will be a little different.

Is it normal/abnormal? Why is it so in each case? Please enlighten me. Thank you!

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It is no bug, it isn't even an error.

It simply means the files have changed slightly. Often it is simply because you or an application changed media tags in those files.

It is important you don't change files (this includes not changing tags etc) that are still seeding in µTorrent*. If this is happening without you knowing it then it is important you find the culprit. The usual culprits are file indexers and media library applications.

* If files are changed after µTorrent has completed the download µTorrent won't know until you ask it to do a re-check. µTorrent will ignorantly keep thinking the torrent to be 100% complete (even though it isn't anymore) and if you are actively seeding it will happily send corrupted pieces to other peers. The other peers will discard the pieces because they hash-fail and eventually you'll likely get banned by other peers.

P.S. µTorrent 1.6.1 is years old and known to have exploitable vulnerabilities. It is SERIOUSLY recommended to update to the latest µTorrent version. In fact we don't give (i.e. I shouldn't have given) support here for old clients.

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