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Force Recheck Question


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I'm from Aus and have ridiculously horrible times I'm unable to download. Anyhow I'm wondering I've created seperate uTorrent apps. One I want to run from 9am-1.30am the other I want to run from 2am-9am.

I've set to close application at 1.50am so I can give it time to recheck the files it has loaded up in Application2. (Trying to figure out how to do)

But how can I do this? If I don't force a recheck then it continues to download off where it was at the % before hand. Say it was 20% and the app I ran from 9-2 completed at 50% and stops / closes then it starts up in App2 it starts back from its 20%. Then I have the app close at 8.50 am and restart the other app and want it to do a recheck.

Simplier terms

Just wondering if there is a possible way to make utorrent force recheck everytime it is loaded?

Thank you

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