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Router QoS Help? udp etc..


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Well my previous QoS policy was to give maximum bandwith to UDP applications (gaming and voip)

This was a quick and dirty way to setup my network but this new utorrent really messes that up.

Also, if I try to classify utorrent with the port, I dont think that works either cause it uses different ports for outgoing connections?

How do go about setting up QoS to make my UDP traffic full priority again, but _excluding_ bitorrent UDP traffic ...?

I'm using tomato firmware btw...

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If your other things use random (ephemeral) outgoing ports as well, you're going to have trouble.

You could set uTorrent's outgoing port range in advanced settings, but it needs to be roughly 1 port per torrent to handle duplicate ips...and the outgoing port/s need to not be the same as the listening (incoming) port.

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