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peerblock problem


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I use utorrent along with vidalia and Peerblock. I really don't know if it's an issue with utorrent, or the other programs. Here's what is going on. I started downloading a couple of wmv files. mid-size files(800mb to 2 Gb). When I previewed some of the files - double clicking in the files that were downloading, I get so see a local movie from my pc, a family video. First thing on my mind a a hard drive screw up. so I run scandisk looking for bad sectors, to file allocations, etc. and defrag, and whatever came to my mind to see if the disk was faulty. nope. it was ok. I deleted the torrent files, and retried one of them.

When I tried to preview it, the video file was corrupt... so I basically opened on wordpad... and wow!!! there it was , a bunch of my files piled up one on top of the other, emails, logs, bookmarks, and other files and programs I couldn't identify.

as far as outpost, panda cloud,(I know, I know), and malwarebytes, there is no virus or spyware on my pc.

Any ideas of what is going on ???

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