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Weird Speed Problems


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Hey, i used to enjoy max d/l speeds of 325-350k, but recently i have notice a very irritating change in my speeds. Now the speeds drop to as low as 4-20k. I thought there was a problem with my ISP but my brother's Mac speeds are still doing fine at 200+k. i know that u might think that it is his com that is sucking all my bandwidth. but i still have the same sucky speeds when im the only connected com to the router!

i tried almost everything from port forwarding to updating my firewall, i have not touched any of my settings before the drastic drop in dl speeed.

Please help, its gonna take me ages to dl my stuff.


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People on the same ISP are reporting the same problems:




Your brother may still be finding same-ISP/same-country ips that are not (yet?!) throttled/disrupted.

Try the 2nd and 3rd links in my signature as well as what Rafi suggested.

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