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ran uT first time, now my browswer (IE) doesn't work????


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Everything was ok, till I ran utorrent v1.4 yesterday. Now I can't use IE to get on the internet?

If I use a proxy server I am ok, but those are slow.

uTorrent still works and is downloading

I have another computer on the network and it is just fine too

Not sure what option I checked or need to check here.

PLEASE help me....


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ok, did that. no help yet

I am now using the newest version of utorrent

Downloaded and patched, from the link you said and changed the number to 100

the patch seemed to work successfully?

So when I close utorrent even my browser is not working? I tried looking at the broswer settings. i tried running utorrent and changing the port and speed setting to no evail.

any more ideas. Can I at least use my browser again 8^0

thanks for the help

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well here is what I got....

I reboot the computer and reset my modem. My web browsers works like normal, then I ran utorrent. I only tried 3 torrents at a time and the browser still worked fine.

Then I went and uped the torrents to 15 at a time and the browser died after a couple minutes?

I had to reset my modem and close utorrent for my browser to start working agin. Not sure how this actually happened?

I went back to old faithful (bittornado) and started 15 torrents and the web browser never died.

So I guess for me and my computer utorrent isn't an option. I don't download 15 torrents at a time usually, I just did it for a test.

Oh well, thanks for the help Firon. Just thought my results might help someone else in the future?

Thanks again,


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