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port forwarding


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hi guys, i m kinda outta luck with this so here i go....


i followed the above tut and managed to "port forward" the port 45617

but utorrent still states that my port is not open but still able to dl... getting 3kbps


i set my speed settings using the above tut and the speed improved to about 6kbps

Router: 2 wire 2701 HGV-E

ISP: Singnet 10 Mbps plan

Security software: PC tools firewall plus, avast! antivirus

i am using PC tools firewall plus ---> i heard i need to set some rules but there is little info on how to go about it

OS: windows vista

my max speed when downloading a linux ubuntu installer is about 50kbps about 1 quarter of what i was able to max previously

can someone help me see the mistakes i have made or missed so as to improve my download speed ?



for some reason, utorrent wont let me save the test speed settings. is it normal ?

EDIT: statusbar.jpg

my status bar is green

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