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uTorrent 2.0.2 sux ???????????????????????????


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Listen this is not much Important

have look if you have free time

It seems that uT 2 cant maintain stable download

(Im using 512 line)

It goes up about 70 and plummet to 30 and going on

Now Im using uT 1.8.5 FOR THE SAME TORRENTS (that had been in on uT 2) which maintain average 50 all the time and speaking of efficiency even Gtok get log out when good seeded torrent on downloading

Dont you guys experienced the same ?

OS : Windows 7



Im sure there are much more critical problems to be answered.

Just answer if u have free time to waste on

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Determine your connection's max sustainable upload and download speeds.

uTorrent needs to be set mostly based on the max sustainable upload speed.

2nd link in my signature for settings.

...But you may also want to increase or decrease (SLIGHTLY!) global max connections and max active torrents at once based on max download speed.

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