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99.7% DONE, but going at 0.1kB/sec! Please help!


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I've searched everywhere, and can't solve my problem.

I'm on a home wireless network using Verizon FiOs.

I have an HP laptop using windows vista--32 bit.

I'ts a large file-- 6.59 GB, but the thing is, I already have 6.58GB!!!

I checked the availability, and its 1.997. There are 3 seeders, but only 1 has been on at a time. 19 peers, 8 on right now, and the ETA keeps going up and up, especially when the download speed goes over its normal rate (0.1kB/sec) to say 2kB/sec. I really want to just finish downloading the .01GB left but it seems impossible.

I've read all the FAQs and guides and everything, which slightly helped, but the percentage stays the same. I really hate to bother all of you, but helping me out would mean a lot! Thanks!

(if you're wondering, I'm a little new to torrents and stuff like this, but I've managed to do my research, so all help is appreciated!)


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