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To me, it´s a new issue (advanced user)


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I´ve been using utorrent for years now, and never seen anything like this before.

I´ve done all the setup guides and troubleshooting guides from this forum without sucess...

I´m having speed issues, very very slow speed with good, healthy new torrents.

The only thing that worked for me was the ubuntu torrent that reached my top bandw. 300kB/s Down.

The other ones keep the max 30kB! I don´t understand why this happens since when i restart the ubuntu torrent the speed go up again. And I tried every single mods in advanced tab , and turning uTP on and off, with other stuff, my status in the network is always green with no choking. When I download things from http servers it reaches the max again. And the Speed test gives the real expected result wich is:

Download Speed: 4367 kbps (545.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 620 kbps (77.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Latency: 236 ms

I set the download to zero and upload to 40 kB, but it never reaches the max upload. ( 15kB)

I tried the conservative settings...Now it is set to 200 max 60 peers and 6 upload slots

The changing of configs didnt change the behaviour of the Ubuntu torrent, always speeding up to the max down...

Does anyone have this issue? Does it have something to do with the updated version Im using, (2.0.3)?

Sorry for my strange english...brazilian here...

Thanks in advance

PS: I´ve done the guide for upgraded 2.0 versions too...

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"I tried the conservative settings...Now it is set to 200 max 60 peers and 6 upload slots"

In checking your stats, you only have about 620 kilobits/second upload bandwidth...yet the lowest setting on my chart to use 200 global max connections is 1 megabit/sec.

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I know, the right config to me is 120 max 40 peers 4 upload; but I used this config with no sucess.A little more connections got me higher speeds at first.But I'm trying this configs again, for a longer time, and (guess), i got better results, from max 30kB to max 50 KB!! Glasnost test says that my ISP throttles my connection for downloads... I'll try you link, thanks again for huge help

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