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Advanced DHT Handling


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I propose a function that allows the DHT setting of a torrent file to be configured, based on the tracker address. It would make sense, for example, if someone were to set up an RSS feed for a tracker that has ratios, and the person want to disable DHT for specific tracker purposes.

I was just thinking cause it's kindof a pain to enable/disable it for each different type of tracker, for each torrent.

I hope I didn't propose something someone else has already proposed.



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Or the tracker can just use the private flag, which is there for a reason.

From the FAQ:

µTorrent will NEVER support private flags given by the tracker in the announce response! It is a dirty fix, and is EXTREMELY unreliable. Only the private flag embedded into the torrent will be supported because it is reliable and relatively secure by design.


You can't really trust that all the .torrents on a tracker have the private flag imbedded. Settings per label is maybe an idea?

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No. Most trackers with ratios embed the private flag as it's uploaded, and if they don't (or at least impose sanctions on users who upload torrents without the flag), then they should.

Besides, if you upload on DHT, good for you, bad for the site. (DHT uploads still count towards your ratio, which is why DHT is usually disabled.)

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