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Defects in latest update


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Can someone help me get uTorrent back to normal.

Did the check update from V2.00* and it ended up with a broken 2.2 beta even though beta is disabled as a option in settings.

Problem is there is a ugly " find content" and other junk in the left what could be a sidebar and other anomalies that looks like a hacked Azurues / Vuze torrent program.

Q1. Is this hacked from downloads.com ?

Q2. Is there s safe place to download a non hacked version from a safe website ???

Q3. How do I get rid of this beta and get the latest non defective uTorrent ?

Q4. Why is a computer trying to connect to me even though there is nothing open or downloading in uTorrent UDP ????

Q5. If I am stuck with this spyware version how can I get rid of this ugly Vista / Vuze looking sidebar ???

Damn it I just reinstalled Windows now I will have to format my hard drive again.

PLZ help.

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