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incorrect download speed


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Just recently I have noticed when downloading a torrent that my internet download speed is 10 times more than the torrent I am downloading. If I exit utorrent the downloading stops, when I start it again as the torrent download speed increases so does my internet download at 10 times the proportional speed. Has this anything to do with teredo?

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Shouldn't have anything to do with teredo/ipv6.

What's your line speed?

How fast is utorrent reporting that torrent to go.?

How much overhead? (look at the speed graph dotted line)

How much upload on that torrent?

Are you sure you don't have any other torrents open that maybe aren't shown currently?

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Line speed is 24 Mbt/s, but actually runs at 16.

Torrent download varies from 25kb/s to 3-400 kb/s and so does the rating of line speed using DU meter by by a factor of ten.

Upload is about 34 kb/s

This is the only torrent in the client, internet browser is not on and nothing else that I know of is online. Strange that it goes on and off with utorrent.

Any ideas?

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