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Port problem upnp and wrt54gl


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Hi! The problem - I can't get upnp working on my laptop. Im using Windows7 and dd-wrt, but my router seems to be fine, as when I used uTorrent on another lapton in home (also Win7 but 64bit) it works just fine, I can see in NAT - UPnP nice forwards made by another laptop, but mine cant :(

UPnP seems to be working on mine laptop as Ive read some topics on google how to run it but I cant force uTorrent to make UPnP exceptions (forwards) in mine router. I feel tired of this as Ive spent alot time trying to make him so.

Any ideas what that might be?

Ps Ive 'reinstalled' uTorrent by deleting *.exe and folder in doc&settings (atm using 2.0.4 - as before)

Ive also tryed connecting to my router by cable (atm using wifi) and still nothing.

Whats more flustrating Ive opened the port manualy for my laptop (using static dhcp so no ip problem) and its still says - port closed but you can still download (in uTorrent test)

Cheers, hope you can help me and I will be able to seed :)

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My problem is different my router is on for upnp and is working so is my port forward but my utorrents is not. I have ticked the allow upnp and nat-pmp mapping but utorrents wont accept it every time I run the test its stating that I have to go to my settings and allow it, but I already have dont know what to do can someone please help.It just keeps on saying no incoming connection cant download or upload.

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