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Stop Killing my Bandwidth


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Dear µTorrent;

A couple of years ago I left BitCommet and Azurus for you, and now I am waiting for the first chance to leave you.

I am sorry to say that; but your doing to me now the same thing they were doing then.




Even when I am just seeding, I cannot browse, I cannot use GetRight to download files nor Orbit Downloader.

I must delete all the torrents I am seeding to do so, and sometimes I have to exit µTorrent as a whole not just sending it to the background even if it is doing NOTHING.

I am using 2.0.4 but I'm heading back to 1.8.x; this is the last thing I remember being fine with, maybe 1.9.x was good too but the world of bandwidth became tighter and tighter every time I go deeper in the "2" zone.

Maybe that µTP thing is not working for me.

I really liked µTorrent "the (very) tiny BitTorrent Client", you DID NOT kill my bandwidth before; but now :(.

We have a word in my country here that means "Nothing after the top but hitting the bottom".

And you have reached that top with 1.8.x and maybe 1.9.x too; but 2.x.x is a truck going down the hill WITHOUT BRAKES.

Please, Stop killing my bandwidth.

Thanks for a nice program.

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I am using 2.0.4 but I'm heading back to 1.8.x

And going to a version that is not only not supported, but will expose you to a MASSIVE security hole.

Provide us with useful information and we can troubleshoot.

Thanks a million for you prompt reply :)

I have visited the link you provided for setting up the connection, I visited it again after your reply, I even used both torrents you offered.

Dear Sir,

The problem is not with my download or upload speed, I get it to the limit I have a 1Mbps connection (i.e 128 KBps, Yes I understand that "1 (B)yte = 8 (b)its") and my upload is one quarter that value; and still I get it to the limit too.

The problem is: I cannot browse nor download "directly not P2P" while µTorrent is active (i.e. downloading or seeding).

Please tell me I have troubles with my firewall or my TCP/IP settings or what so ever.

I want to browse and download while using µTorrent.

Even now; I am using µTorrent to download the torrents you recommended (OOo and Slackware) and I had to stop them in order to send you this post.


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Your ISP may have recently "improved" their BitTorrent detection and disruption/throttling.

If that's the case, uTorrent v1.8 (which is more insecure) may suffer as bad or worse.

Your networking may not be robust enough to do heavy UDP traffic...lots of consumer network products (routers, wireless/USB devices, and software firewalls in particular) are broken-by-design.

Please do some troubleshooting before blaming.

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