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No incoming connections - ports open and verified


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Hi -

Everything was working fine, and then suddenly I had the yellow triangle of death and zero incoming connections...

I forwarded my ports, changed them and forwarded again, tried with firewall down, and nothing...

Strange part is, when I use portchecker.exe and uTorrent's built in checker, it says that all is well...

Can anyone help?

I'm using Windows 7 and Zone Alarm (Which was working fine up until a few days ago)

Thanks so much!!

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Any ideas on why the green netcheck goes yellow once a while- and then and back again. No pattern to it at all . I'm behind a Dlink 601 with all firewall and port settings done. Should I have both UPnP and Nat checked in utorrent preferences, and If (when) I'm throttled by my ISP would it cause the green check to go yellow and back?

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Probably I am a bit stupid, but what do you mean by "message for the tracker"?

The dimeadozen page shows me, that everything is fine, but the upload starts (0.1 kbs) and stops after 1 sec.

I have this problem since I reinstalled my system, so could there be a connection to dime's "members-only operations mode"?

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is this the complete tracker message you need? (read the faq and still don't understand what a message from the tracker is)



DHT not allowed

LPD not allowed

PEX not allowed

http://b0.dimeadozen.org/announce.php/5d12b18f572762c38d1fd0b95670ebd6/announce working

other trackers:


DHT working

LPD working

PEX working

http://tracker001.legaltorrents.com:7070/announce working

- And, I am a member of dimeadozen. When I am logged in, I get the same result.

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>Honestly just looks like you don't have anyone to upload to<

Possible - because of my bad ratio I cannot test it and download another torrent...I have to stay with what I have now. Anyway, I can see that there must be some downloaders.

So, should I wait just a few weeks, until I am the only seeder?

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