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How to increase transfer speed (both upload & download)


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Hey guys, I'm new here and I need some professional guidance.

I recently moved across the country and at the time I didn't have enough portable storage space to take all of my music with me, so I left 110 GB of music on my parents' computer and I am now trying to transfer all of it over to my external HDD using uTorrent 2.0.4

I found a few different tutorials for increasing download speeds but they aren't really doing much for me cuz there's only 1 seed for my download.. and that's my parents' computer. So it's setup as a direct transfer from one computer to the other (1 seed, 1 peer) and I can only download as fast as the other computer can upload.

So currently my download (and upload on parents' computer) speed is 115 kb/s. Not bad, but I know I can get this to go faster, and I think my limiting factor is the upload speed of my parents' machine. Here are some more details about each computer.



Mediacom Cable (mchsi)

6 Mb/s Download

850 kb/s Upload

Linksys WRT54G2 router



Comcast Cable

16 Mb/s Download

7 Mb/s Upload

Linksys WRT120N router

Port forwarding is setup and UPnP disabled on both, however for some reason my green connection icon goes away and turns yellow after a bit. The icon on the uploading computer stays green all the time. I followed the instructions found HERE to optimize my download speeds but none of these settings made a bit of difference. I started at 115 kb/s and I'm still at 115 kb/s after trying to change every setting I've found on the internet.

Please help if you can, and sorry for the long post. Thanks.

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Ahhh.. it all makes sense now. I definitely didn't see the kB on uTorrent, I automatically assumed it was kb and started working from there. So the 115 kB/s is actually beyond the speedtest upload speed of 850 kb/s.. it's more like 920 right?

1 B = 8 b correct.

Thanks for your help DreadWingKnight.. looks like there is nothing I can do after all :(

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