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Files that exist are not found


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I have a very specific but very annoying problem. My computer crashed during boot up about a week ago, and now about half my files say they have downloaded 0% when they were 100% before the crash. Now before I am bombarded with fixes i've already tried, let me go over what i've done.

I have checked and rechecked all the file paths, and they are all correct.

I have removed and readded all the torrents, this just caused more to be like this,

I have deleted the resume.dat and readded everything again, and still more became like this,

I have stopped and rechecked more times than i care to admit,

and a few other random fixes on the internet that didn't do anything.

All these files were downloaded from sites where a good ratio is needed, so i need to find a way to get these torrents back up in running.

TL:DR, Files exist but utorrent says they don't.

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No tags have been changed, This is something that i've made sure of. And even if the tags are changed, that typically only corrupts the first and last block of each file, not completely making the files appear to be missing.

EDIT: I do have some files that the tags were changed, but these are appearing as like 98.7%, with only the first and last blocks of each file missing.

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