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Listen error. Driving me nuts, no help elsewhere online


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I have been using Utorrent for 3 years now i belive. And i have always been having the listen error i need to change port. Before we had an old router but it's upgraded now to a d-link. I can see slightly diffirences.

But i have problem with this error. I have forward my port wich is 59273 at my router page (static ip and so on). If im correctly, while i have setup the port at my router i dont need the UPnP option enabled on preferences (more like i should not), in my case its reverse. The port is open while i have UPnP on and closed when i have it switched off, with either of those option i still get listen error, i have to change port. Of course i have been changing port like 20 times by randomize.

I have also untick and tick the Automatic port mapping (recommended) without further luck.

Here you can check on my pictures what i mean.

PS: Click on the picture for fullsize


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