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PC freeze with uTorrent 2.0.4


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My PC freezes consistently within a few minutes of starting uTorrent 2.0.4 (build 22150). Mouse control is lost and all other activity stops. A hard reboot is always required.

I cannot find any error log files for uTorrent, I suspect the crash is instant and it cannot write any. As it stands now uTorrent is broken for me.

I use WinXP pro, SP 3, PeerGuardian 1.0.0 and AVG Internet Security 9.0.861.

Help appreciated Hibbs.

The issue is defintely uTorrent's interaction with the AVG Firewall. If uTorrent is started with the firewall disabled all is well, the instant I turn it on, a freeze.

Is there some setting that will avoid this?

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After much experimenting it seems the frequency of freezing increases with increased traffic. When uTorrent downloads are limited to 100 kB/s there is rarely a freeze. At 150 kB/s sometimes and at 200 kB/s within minutes. I have no idea which app has the issue.


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