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Minimize torrent details / custom icons / Force recheck


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First, I have two minor, pretty aestetical, suggestions.

The first one: a button for quickly minimizing the torrent details field.



The second one is the possibility to use your own icons for the buttons and stuff, pretty much like in BitTornado. The icons would be located in the user's application data folder. If there are no icons, utorrent will use the default icons.

Now, the reason why I can't use utorrent yet. I need a force recheck feature. My computer is fudged up, and has some faulty RAM or something. Because of that, I tend to get lots of erroneous files, since the error occurs after the download hash checking. In Azureus, it's as simple as stopping the torrent when it's at 99%, restarting the comp, recheck, and then redownload the hashfails.

So, until uTorrent has a force recheck feature, I'll just have to stick with Azureus.

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Well, this is what you get when you request features based on first impressions. :P

Cid: so I can't recheck before the torrent is completed? In that case, I'd like to be able to..

Bloodstaind: I couldn't make it small enough, I still saw a half "Transfer" headline. Which annoys me. ;)

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