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Unable to parse magnet URI


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I use 2.2 on W7. Ordinary broadband (no VPN, etc). Only Windows firewall is active, and it has the usual exception for uTorrent.

I tried a magnet URI for the first time today and found that I received the above error. Any magnet URI has the same issue. I didn't find a previous thread on this, with the possible exception of this one, which is more about DHT:


DHT is active here with many nodes.

I asked a friend to try magnet URIs with 2.2 and he had the same problem.

uTorrent works fine otherwise.

Any ideas?

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OK, good to know. I think some of these sites need to be a little more specific in what they're "magneting." I tend to forget that there are older forms of P2P out there.

Finally, I just did a search to find some that are 100% sure to be torrent magnets, and they worked.

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