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Downloading/Completed Count Bug (Minor)


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Load a torrent containing multiple files. Skip download some files.

2. When download completes, the Torrent is removed from Downloading to Completed.

3. Select at least one skipped file and set download priority to normal (in short download skipped files).

4. Torrent is removed from Completed and back to Downloading.

5. Event though in step 4 is the expected behaviour, notice that the Completed list still has a count of 1 and the Downloading list still has a count of zero even though the torrent has already moved back to it

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I tested with the same version, I failed to reproduce the potential bug.

After changing the priority of a skipped file, the torrent job was downloading again and the counter of the "Completed" list decremented and this one of the "Downloading" list incremented.

Be sure the skipped file wasn't complete in fact (stored in the utorrent partfile).

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