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Torrents dont start until I restart uTorrent.


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I've read various topics on this but nothing has helped.

The thing is that I have a Win2k8 R2 100Mb dedicated server with 8TB of space and I like to download and seed everything via RSS so I have 7k+ torrents in my client. I spanned the drives so I have one big one and make the one client move downloads to labelled directories.

On previous server I had separate drives and separate clients for each drive and remember having this same issue with torrents not starting but it problem went away and cant remember why now as it was year or so back.

I need to have the 7k torrents seeding at same time, Is this possible with one client or am I doomed to get this issue all teh time where I need to restart to make things download.

What would be best setup, split torrents into multiple clients or is there a solution to keep them all in one. I would rather keep them in one as it would mean losing all my data when if I revert them back to separate drives. Alternatively is there a way to split the resume.dat up so I could use it with other clients and keep all data seeding?

[edit] I suppose I could make multiple copies of same resume.day and tehn delete teh stuff from each I dont need?

Any help/advice appreciated.

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